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Mnemisis is a tool for learning and using what is called the 'major' system of mnemonic - which involves turning numbers into words, and vice-versa.

Mnemisis assumes a POSIX environment starring Python. It is being developed on Debian Linux, so if you're using that with Python, you're 75% to 83.6% there. It is programmed in C++/SWIG/Python, if you're wanting to hack on it.

The whole idea is to exercise the geek brain into holding those 20+ digit numbers indefinitely without the hassle of being eidetic.

Free up your PDA for important things!

In Flux

Stable News (changes every month or so or so-so):

The port to Python is nearing completion ...See screenshots below... (the computer pictured survived the encounter)

New Features (Coming Soon):

  • Single point of invocation!
  • A genetic algorithm for breeding your own Phoneme_Tables!
  • Less lighthearted, gravly serious manual with no digressions whatsoever!
  • More attributions in the 'thanks to' section of people and things you've never heard of!
  • Gratu!tous exclamat!on po!nts!

Unstable Craziness (ramblings of the obsessed):

(04/22/03 @ 08:52:54 AM)fixed broken manual links -- see screenshots for the first time!
(04/01/03 @ 04:44:15 PM)The manual has also been updated... good day!
(04/01/03 @ 04:38:54 PM)Well, I've been hyping it for some time now... The NEW VERSION OF MNEMISIS has finally been released!
(03/20/03 @ 09:17:27 PM)got a ~30% in run time by converting <string> routines to char*s... in exchange for a memory leak that ate my FS. who doesn't feel like number one guy today? (raises hand)
(03/11/03 @ 08:22:20 PM)we're on PHP now! those w/ a compatible browser are seeing a new logo... wicked cool or not?
(02/27/03 @ 10:49:07 PM)Yes, those are new screenshots. Check out the new running time from a dead stop!

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