The phonetic table


This is the heart of Mnemisis - a table of phonetic equivalents for the numbers zero through nine. The important bits to pay attention to are the Number and Phonetic Value columns.

The best results are going to be gotten from giving up some of the neurons you spent on reruns of Raymond in the Middle of Dark Water and Ollie on actually remembering these values. Once that's done, you can actually put Mnemisis to use by remembering only your key phrases - and counting on your knowledge of the translation table to turn them back into numbers.

The Memory Crutch section is a visual aid that might make the task a little easier. And to distract you so that you'll miss that important appointment. It is not meant as a substitute for real parental supervision, and is for external use only.

The table itself...

Nota Bene:


Now might be a good time to re-scrutinize the quick start section, and see if the examples make more sense.

The next section of the manual delves into applications of Mnemisis. If what's going on is still baffling you, might I suggest looking here. Thank you.



A boon for those that don't know how to spell -- you really just sound it out. Let's hear it for public education, of which I am a graduate and so I speak in a clever and ironic voice!


or should, shoddy software notwithstanding...


Under great duress, this rule breaks down, as for some pronounciations of "brownness". I, as a god-fearing speaker of The Queen's English, would pronounce it as if it had two "n"s, rendering the phonetic equivalent of "94220". This happens with a few other words - "bookkeeper" springs to mind.


Though changing the phoneme list to taste is at this point a little... interesting. Just to head off any confusion: I do mean interesting like Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" interesting.


Though you'll never be able to take away from me that I was able to write "69" in big huge numbers up there - whoo! Rabelaisian!